enfrMAY 14-24 MAI, 2021
enfrMAY 14-24 MAI, 2021

Liberation Education Kit

Freedom has always been worth fighting for. The freedom to live, the freedom to learn, and the freedom to grow.  Future generations should never take freedom for granted, especially when it can come at the cost of lives and great sacrifice.  In the 76 years since the Liberation of The Netherlands, the Dutch people have rejoiced in their freedom, and are grateful to Canadians to this very day. 

The Second World War hit The Netherlands hard. When Nazi Germany invaded The Netherlands in May, 1940, Dutch Princess Juliana and her two daughters were forced to flee. They took refuge in Ottawa where Canadians greeted them with open arms. In 1943, while still living in Canada, the Dutch Royals welcomed their third child – Princess Margriet. Princess Margriet was born in the Civic Hospital in Ottawa and her Canadian birth further strengthened the bonds between The Netherlands and Canada. 

In early April of 1945, the First Canadian Army began to clear Nazi Germany from the northeast sections of The Netherlands. Tipped off with information provided by the Dutch resistance fighters, the Canadian troops advanced and by mid-April had freed the cities of Arnhem and Apeldoorn.  

Citizens have vivid memories from this period, one who was a teenager at the time recalled, “As the (Canadian) tank came nearer, there was a big hush over all the people, and it was suddenly broken by a big scream, as if it was out of the Earth! And the people climbed on the tank and they were crying. And we were running with the tanks and the jeeps all the way into the city.”

Finally, on May 5th, 1945 the entirety of The Netherlands was liberated. Then, only 2 days later the Nazi German forces surrendered unconditionally on May 7th 1945.

COMING SOON for 2021 – Liberation Education Kit

Lesson Plan #4 – The Gift of Tulips

Aimed at Grades 2 & 3 science students exploring the lifecycle of tulips, and the special meaning they have to Canadians. 

Lesson Plan #5 – War Brides 

Designed for Intermediate Students, we explore the story of Dutch War Brides, and tie this into current day issues with refugees, immigration and the need for asylum worldwide.  Using the 4 War Brides selected for TulipToon Creation, the course will explore stories of real Dutch War Brides, and what it was like to immigrate to Canada in the late 1940’s.

Lesson Plan #6 – Canadian Heroes 

Using the Six Towns of Liberation Heroes created as TulipToons, we will explore the stories of 6 Towns in the Netherlands, and consider the effect this has on the present-day citizens. Several hold vigils, ceremonies and keep flames alive in honour of the Canadians who sacrificed. 

As the recent Ambassador to the Kingdom of The Netherlands, Henk van der Zwan says, “What we have in The Netherlands now, the wealth, the prosperity, the freedom that we enjoy, the respect for human rights to civil liberties – we would never have had that had it not been for the liberation 75 years ago. This [liberation] is at the basis of everything we take for granted nowadays, but actually one should never take this for granted.”

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