enfrMAY 12-22 MAI, 2023
enfrMAY 12-22 MAI, 2023

Weather & Firework Update

Saturday, May 20th – We are expecting some rain Saturday, May 20th. All activities will continue as scheduled unless the rain becomes too heavy. Updates will be made here in the case of park closure.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO Victoria Day Fireworks Sunday, May 21st. We invite you to join us for our Sound and Light Show every evening, starting at 9:15.

Commemorate and honour

The Canadian Tulip Legacy

The Canadian Tulip Legacy is a nationally registered charity that commemorates the sacrifice of over 7500 Canadian soldiers in the liberation of the Netherlands while celebrating the only royal personage ever born on Canadian soil, Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet, and the resulting gift of tulips from the grateful Dutch to all Canadians.

Over one million tulips in Canada’s national capital region are planted and cared for by the National Capital Commission, Canada’s official gardener. This tulip tradition has lasted since the end of the Second World War and has grown into the largest public tulip display on the planet.  The Canadian Tulip Festival presents this stunning floral showcase to the world, inviting guests from across the globe to experience Canada’s Capital every spring.

Canadian Tulip Festival

The annual Canadian Tulip Festival is held in Ottawa every May at Commissioners Park, among over 300,000 tulips, since 1953.

Fall Bulb Fundraiser

The annual Fall Bulb Fundraising Campaign runs from Labour Day to Remembrance Day, allowing all Canadians to participate in commemorative plantings.

Tulip Boutique

Support the Legacy and Canadian Artisans buy shopping for unique tulip Merchandise. Find everything from travel mugs to tees, to home decor and jewellery. 

Liberation Education

The Liberation Education Kit is a comprehensive tool designed by educators to teach an essential and remarkable piece of history to Canadian students.

Meet our Directors Emeritus, Founders of BeaverTails® Pastry and the Modern Canadian Tulip Festival.

Our Mission: Commemorate & Celebrate

To educate future generations of Canadians about the cost of freedom, the importance of international friendship, and the meaning behind the Gift of Tulips. 

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