Leading WREN Margaret (Peggy) I. Hart (née Smythe)

I am planting for Leading WREN Margaret (Peggy) I. Hart (née Smythe), Service Number 111, served from 1941 to 1945.
Joining in Edmonton, AB, Peggy served in Gault, ON, Cornwallis and King’s College in NS. She was a sailor, an athlete, a mother, a great family lady and one of the kindest souls to walk this earth, who found the good in everybody and had a fabulous mischievous side.

On the train from Edmonton to Gault the young women had to share a bunk so they slept head to toe on the almost 5 day trip. Her bunkmate’s name was Marge and they had a fun, if cramped, trip.

She and her peers paved the way so that we could serve later!

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