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The Indigenous Legacy Project

Today & Tomorrow 

Today, the Canadian Tulip Festival serves as a touchstone for shared common values between nations such as Canada, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and other members of the G7 and European Union.  As a Certified Sustainable Tourism Destination, we look towards growing our Sustainable Development Goals into the future, while educating our guests about the importance of environmental stewardship, and reconciliation in action. 

Commemoration of the past continues to grow in equity, inclusivity and diversity. The Liberation of the Netherlands Branch 005 of The Royal Canadian Legion created the Indigenous Legacy Project to recognize and honour Indigenous veterans who helped to liberate the Netherlands and are buried in their country. The Aboriginal Veterans Autochtones, with Veterans Affairs Canada are moving forward to expand the project to identify all the Indigenous Service Members who died overseas in the Second World War.…

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In the Netherlands, many Canadian soldiers who perished during the war rest in peace in three significant Canadian war cemeteries: Holten, Groesbeek, and Bergen op Zoom. These cemeteries, maintained meticulously by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, receive heartfelt gestures of appreciation from the Dutch people. At Holten Canadian War Cemetery, for instance, schoolchildren partake in a touching Christmas Eve tradition, adorning each Canadian grave with candles. Additionally, children from local communities “adopt a grave” in all three cemeteries, taking care of the plots and delving into the stories of the individuals laid to rest there.

Canadians participate in pilgrimages to commemorate the liberation of the Netherlands, with gatherings held throughout the year. Every five years, significant celebrations draw thousands of Canadians to the Netherlands. A grand parade in Apeldoorn honors the returning veterans with heartfelt appreciation. Over time, the visitors from Canada have shifted to mostly include descendants of those who served, as well as Canadians eager to understand their country’s profound contributions to aiding those in need. Despite this generational shift, they are warmly welcomed by a new generation of Dutch individuals, who carry on the tradition of gratitude passed down by their ancestors.

The Canadian Tulip Festival is proud to shed light on The Indigenous Legacy Project, Created by The Royal Canadian Legion Liberation of the Netherlands’ Branch 005 and the Aboriginal Veterans Autochtones (AVA), this research and remembrance based initiative to identify and mark the graves of Indigenous soldiers buried in cemeteries across the Netherlands.  In partnership with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and Faces-to-Graves, 17 Indigenous graves have been identified so far at Holten Canadian War Cemetery. See the Indigenous Canadians who paid the ultimate price for our freedom overseas, buried far away from their own home, where they remain oppressed…

13 soldiers represented by family or community members with Indigenous Legacy Project delegation – Canada.ca

The Indigenous Legacy Project delegation to the Netherlands brought with them tobacco pouches made by a Youth Group from Shabot Obaadjiwan, and were given to local Dutch school children, to participate in the ceremony, bringin the gap between today and tomorrow. We will remember. 



Tulips in these beds


The double early tulip “Shell” introduces a vibrant and distinct focal point to your flower bed with its clear coloring. The red hue delicately wraps around the yellow petals. These double tulips exhibit various forms, resembling either an egg shape, featuring fringed edges, or mirroring the beloved appearance of peony flowers.



Palmyra Double Early

The Palmyra tulip presents a captivating color spectacle, with its petals seemingly transforming with the weather. Under overcast skies, the petals take on a deep maroon shade, but when touched by the sun, the flower emanates hues of magenta, indigo, and even vermillion. It’s not only the romantic color that distinguishes these bulb flowers; the petals also boast a velvety texture, exuding an aura of luxury and elegance.



The Seadov Parrot tulip is a vibrant red variety with a distinctive parakeet shape. Characterized by their unique form, parakeet tulips bring a touch of the tropics to your garden. The plump buds gracefully unfold, revealing frilly, ruffled red petals adorned with streaks of green. This ornate display of plumage sits atop sturdy stems, making it not only a favored choice for vases and bouquets but also an extraordinary addition to the garden.



White Valley Tulip – The Liberation80

A must-have for any spring garden, this distinctively colored tulip captivates with its striking contrasts. Its double blooms, reminiscent of peonies, unfold in creamy ivory white and mature into milky white with vibrant yellow flames. The most distinctive feature lies in the emerald-green streaks adorning the outer petals..



Symbiose Salmon

Sought after for its immense goblet-shaped blooms, Tulip ‘Salmon Impression’ showcases radiant pink flowers with a salmon-apricot flush at their center, maintaining their beauty for up to three weeks. These exceptionally large, perfectly formed flowers display a lovely and soft pink shade, creating a stunning visual impact when planted in sizable clusters.




Vast expanses of red come alive with the mesmerizing deep-red hues and tall stems of Ecstatic. Planted in clusters, it is truly a sight to behold. This remarkable double and multi-flowered wine-red tulip boasts multiple heads, showcasing between 2-5 blooms per stem, each resembling a peony-like flowerhead.



Fantasy Lady

Tulip Fantasy Lady is a commanding and generously sized plant, yielding large and exquisite blooms in a range of pastel and hot pink shades. This double tulip is a must-have for those seeking a touch of eccentricity and elegance in their spring garden.




Symbiose Yellow

This beauty with long stems showcases a timeless tulip shape and vibrant yellow coloring, ideal for capturing attention in seasonal border displays and cutting gardens.




Muscari armeniacum – Purple/ blue

Commonly referred to as the Grape Hyacinth, this flower is robust, simple to cultivate, and requires minimal maintenance. Any garden can enhance its charm with the inclusion of these charming plants, showcasing petals in hues of blue, purple, or white.




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