Im planting in memory of my parents, Peter and Joan Oud

My parents were liberated by the Canadians during World War II. They lived during the Nazi Occupation. The Canadians were viewed as Heroes by the Dutch. I’m Proud to be a son of liberated parents and a son of Canadian Citizenship. I have heard many stories during the Nazi occupation of The Netherlands. Its heart warming and right to commemorate this miles stone with a fitting symbol of The Netherlands. In my community, our family and a neighbor have donated 600 liberation tulips to The Village of Vanastra. The 600 represents the population of Vanastra. Vanastra is a former CFB Clinton Radar Base. The base was top secret during World War II and the Cold War. Its thought the technology trained at this base might have contributed to the Allies victory over The Nazis. The tulips will be distributed by the Lions Club, Christian Reformed Church and volunteers. In addition, we have a volunteer to chronicle the planting and emergence using photos and social media….stay tuned. Good Luck! Congratulations!

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  1. I love this. Thank you for sharing! My Mom & Dad have strong roots in Clinton and especially the Vanastra community. Both very proud Dutch immigrants, grateful for the liberation by the Canadians, and proud Canadian citizens. My Mom would have absolutely LOVED what you are doing! In honor of my heritage and the story of my relatives, I am planting tulips in West Michigan.