The Canadian Tulip Festival exists through the participation of our generous volunteers. From corporate teams to individual altruists, we rely on the support of our caring community.

Benefits of Volunteering with the Canadian Tulip Festival

  • Certification for Volunteer Hours as required & requested
  • Free on-site snacks and parking
  • Free Canadian Tulip Festival Volunteer T-Shirt 
  • Well organized volunteer teams, suited to your skills and tailored to your enjoyment

Volunteer Co-Chair our Executive Volunteer Committee (Position Filled)

We are seeking to form an Executive Volunteer Committee to help us tap into Government, Corporate, College, and University Networks, where Executive Level Volunteers can identify and lead their teams.

Volunteer Co-Chair our Celebration Tulip Corporate Marketing Committee (Position Filled)

Our goal is to see ALL 300 of our Giant Celebration Tulips around town, including Car Dealerships, Shopping Malls, Property Developments and more! We need help to spread this oversized garden all over the city. Our Celebration Tulip Corporate Marketing Committee is designed to attract motivated and philanthropic individuals to come up with creative ways to entice businesses owners to invest in a Giant Celebration Tulip, and SHOW their support by displaying their Celebration Tulip year-round.

Canadian Tulip Festival Volunteers

Have a passion for the great outdoors? Love gardening and meeting new people from all over the world? Join us and become a Canadian Tulip Festival Volunteer.  Share your passion for flowers with visitors from all over the globe, and help our guests learn more about Ottawa’s official flower and the incredible variations displayed in the NCC garden beds. We have several different options for Volunteer Participation and are always happy to welcome corporate volunteer teams looking to fulfill their volunteer hours in a fun, floral festival.

Team Green – Retail & Information

Tulip Boutique
Selling our beautiful Tulip Boutique merchandise is a busy job! Keeping on top of inventory, and keeping customers happy, we are seeking outgoing multi-taskers good with numbers. Retail and POS experience would be an asset.

Welcome and Information Centre Volunteers
Do you love being at the centre of the festivities? Each of our three Tulip Information Centres is a hub for all the information about the festival that visitors need to know.

Team Yellow  – Photographers (TEAM FILLED)

Tulips, Crowds, Events, we need it all covered!
The Photo team is responsible to capture all moments of the festival. Photographers will be scheduled to different areas of the Festival throughout the 11 days. A shot list will be provided that would include specific items that the Festival would like documented. In addition, the list will include some additional items that would be on the dream photo list.

Team Pink – Arts Crew

Art in the Tulips, CTF Museum
Assist our visiting Artists in the Tulips in setting up, tear down and requests throughout the day. Assist in the installation, hanging, organization, and care of the Canadian Tulip Festival Museum Display. You have a passion for visual art and are excited to share this with festival patrons. Some art gallery experience is an asset.

Music & Tulips, Tulips & Dance
The arts Crew are the diplomatic backstage team that keeps our artists and performers happy! If you love stepping into a supporting role and have an appreciation for the talented performers and artists at this year’s festival, come join our arts Crew.

Team Red – Transportation

Transportation Volunteers – Road Crew, Tulip Transportation Mall, Parking
Road Crew members keep things organized, setting up roadblocks, directing pedestrians and vehicles as required. This team will know the layout of the Festival and will provide information and directions to guests arriving at our Tulip Transportation Mall. Must be able to communicate directions clearly and be able to work in a team setting to direct large crowds. Bilingualism is an asset.

Team Orange – Hero Volunteers

Production, general assistance, floaters, runners, and general heroes!
Help implement the logistics of the festival site. Tasks include: Set up, cleaning, and tear down, including tables, chairs, and signage. Ensure items do not get stolen or damaged. A driver’s license and a vehicle is an asset.