From traditional Dutch Fairy Tales to War Heros and Brides to the Story of the Gift of Tulips for life. Tuliptoons brings history to life through a series of animated shorts. These charming performances are sure to delight children and adults alike. Watch on our TulipTV Channel on YouTube!

TulipToons Season 3

Malak Karsh

How a Bulb is Born

Henry Norwest 🌷 Indigenous War Heroes

*Parental Guidance Recommended*

Tom Longboat 🌷 Indigenous War Heroes

*Parental Guidance Recommended*

Tommy George Prince 🌷 Indigenous War Heroes

*Parental Guidance Recommended*

How a Bulb Gets to Market

Edwin Victor Cook 🌷 Indigenous War Heroes

*Parental Guidance Recommended*

Francis ‘Peggy’ 🌷 Indigenous War Heroes

*Parental Guidance Recommended*

Grant & Pam

TulipToons Season 2

The Little Bulb

Léo Major – Zwolle

*Parental Guidance Recommended*

Catharina Williams Carpenter – Dutch War Brides

Moe Hurwitz – Bergen Op Zoom

Fredrica Filiatrault – Dutch War Brides

Anthony Law – Ostend

*Parental Guidance Recommended*

Maria Elisabeth Dufresne – Dutch War Brides

Donald Somerville – Arnhem/Wageningen

Ria Conroy – Dutch War Brides

Earl Olmsted – Nijmegen

Don White – Leeuwarden

*Parental Guidance Recommended*

TulipToons Season 1 

Hello Rembrandt

Canada’s Official Gardener and The Tulip Legacy

The Pole of Oosterlittens

Jan and the Magic Pot

The Basilisk of Utrecht

The Frog

Why Bears Have Short Tails

Prince Spin-Head and Miss Snow White

The Lady of Stavoren

The Story of the Tulip

The Farm that Ran Away and Came Back

The Princess and the Soldier

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