SPAO Photo Walk

The SPAO PHOTO WALK is an ongoing and evolving outdoor installation featuring large-scale photographic artworks designed to enhance Ottawa’s Little Italy, draw attention to local businesses and engage with residents and tourists alike. Participants can access information and the map for a self-guided tour via QR codes located next to each artwork, providing opportunities to learn more about the artists, the neighbourhood, and participating businesses. The photographs were selected from a nationwide open call and by an assessor jury made up of nationally recognized industry leaders.
Designed as a photographic treasure hunt of sorts, visitors and tourists alike are invited to explore and engage with our vibrant neighbourhood.

Malak Karsh

Malak Karsh, a luminary in Canadian photography, left an indelible mark on the artistic landscape through his evocative images capturing the essence of Canada’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. Renowned for his mastery of light and composition, Karsh’s work celebrated the stunning landscapes but also the resilience and spirit of the Canadian people.

One of Karsh’s notable contributions was creating the Canadian Tulip Festival, an event that blossomed from a gift of friendship between Canada and the Netherlands. Through his lens, Karsh captured the vibrant hues of tulips blooming against Ottawa’s scenic backdrop, immortalizing the festival’s joyous ambiance and its significance as a symbol of peace and unity.

Beyond the tulip fields, Karsh’s photography reflects the diverse tapestry of Canadian life, from the rugged wilderness of the Rockies to the bustling streets of its urban centers. His images serve as a visual chronicle, documenting Canada’s history, culture, and identity with unparalleled depth and emotion.

Karsh’s legacy extends beyond his own body of work, influencing generations of Canadian photographers who continue to draw inspiration from his timeless aesthetic and commitment to storytelling through imagery. Through his lens, he not only captured moments but also created narratives that resonate with viewers, inviting them to explore and connect with the rich tapestry of Canadian life.