Proud to be Canadian

I am planting for my all my grandparents, my dad and his family, my mom and her family all of whom were liberated in the Netherlands. My aunt married a Canadian soldier, moved to Canada and then my dad followed. Another aunt went to Australia after the war. I am Canadian as a result of liberation 75 years ago. Thank you for this honour and for freeing family members.
I am proud to say that both sets of my grandparents helped Jewish people. My Opa was a makeup artist and helped to disguise Jews. My mom’s family hid Jews on their farm for a few days at a time. After the war, my mom could never watch war movies and became anxious whenever there were loud sirens heard. War memories still continue to linger in my parents 75 years later. We can honour our freedom fighters by continuing the peace they fought so hard for; it starts in our home, community and keeps spreading. Be Peacemakers!

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