enfrMAY 10-20 MAI, 2024
enfrMAY 10-20 MAI, 2024

Project Local Love helps Canadians connect through postcards

Sofie Sharom, a wildlife photographer based in Ottawa, is bringing Canada together — through the mail.

In 2017, Sharom started Project Local Love as a non-profit initiative for Canada 150. Using her bright photos of scenery and landmarks in Ottawa, she created postcards and distributed them with the help of local businesses. She saw them as a way for people to send the cards to other parts of the country, sharing the beauty of Ottawa with Canadians everywhere. Included with each postcard was a stamp to make mailing them easier — an efficient way to bring people across the nation together. Now, with citizens unable to leave their homes and visit loved ones, Sharom is once again using her art to help the community stay connected.

By: Brandi-Anne Hibbs

Photo: Sofie Sharom

Source: Ottawa Magazine

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