Ottawa’s tourism industry — finally! — sees signs of recovery in 2023

Tour buses are filling up and the 2023 Tulip Festival drew an impressive half-million visitors. Local businesses have good reason to feel optimistic again.

Jo Riding, executive director of the Canadian Tulip Festival, is excited that her event, which ran from May 12 to 22, drew a half-million visitors, including 250,000 people during its opening weekend alone.

Because the event this year used new technology to measure attendance, it’s hard for Riding to compare the turnout in 2023 to rough estimates made in past years. She feels that this year’s crowds matched last year’s record turnout, and that the 2023 crowds would have been larger had there not been “a drastic dip in the temperature” during the festival.

Auteur : Peter Hum

Source : Ottawa Citizen

Photo : Bri Glenn

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