Nrityashala presents ‘Ekla cholo’

I am a trained Indian Classical Dancer. I run a dance school in Ottawa -‘Nrityashala School of Dance’, where I train the students of all age group in different forms of Indian dance. During this hard time of pandemic, I take online classes, I motivate my students and even my friends to de-stress through dance; we make videos to send motivational messages to the world! In past one year I have made more than a dozen videos in group or solo! It’s very challenging to dance in the limitation of a camera space; the floor, backdrop, light, sound, videography – so many things to take care of; I am in the process of learning, improvement but I’ve accepted the challenge. I must thank your team for coming up with such a great idea; love and best wishes!

This video is the second one I made with one of my students, named Sarita Chaudhary and posted on Facebook, August 10, 2020. While we were going through the first lockdown in Canada, we were trying hard to stay connected and positive. By dancing on the same tune, confined in our own, respective house we wanted to prove that we were alone but not detached! It carries a strong message taken from our Nobel laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore’s song – ‘ekla cholo’ (walk alone)! Hope you would like it! Thanks .