My Hero, my Dad

My late Dad was a WWII veteran who helped to liberate Holland from the Nazi. Like many veterans he came home and never spoke too much about what he experienced during his years fighting the war.
It was such a wonderful experience he had when he returned with his two sons for the 60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland. It was so healing for him to see how Holland looked from what he remembered. He cried telling Mom and myself of the love he felt from the people of Holland……their hospitality was so over whelming and appreciated by him and all the veterans. He talked often about this to everyone. After his return he finally started to open up about some of his experiences but was guarded as to who he told what to. One thing that was the worst for him, was the children of war, seeing them starving he’d shared any of the food he had with them.
Such a proud veteran he was and how proud we are of all that he did for us and the world.
Thank You Dad ♥️

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