I am planting in the memory of my late father, Bram Griffioen.

As a teenaged boy, my father, Bram Griffioen, led Jews and others in hiding to safe houses in and around Veenendaal for the Resistance during 1944-45. He would memorise addresses and people would follow at a short distance behind him. When he came to an address he would turn his head and nod. Those following him would leave the walk and go to the house and he would move on to the next place with others following him. He was a brave, kind man who always played down the role he had performed, never telling me until he was an adult. He passed away at the age of 88 in early 2018, but his memory will live on for my family as a person to emulate in times of trouble, and be willing to risk our lives for those we often don’t know but are in need. From his son, Keith Griffioen (wife Jennifer, son Daniel, and daughter Sophie)

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