For Wilhelm (Will) Reimer and Myself

Will, my husband went through a rough spell this year. In August he was grounded from driving long distance because of a heart condition. On October 4, 2019 he went in for his first angiogram. A week later he went in for his second angiogram. The tulips will be a remember that he survived and life continues.

I planted the tulips also for myself, I turned 65 this year. The Netherlands have always had a special place in my heart. I visited The Netherlands 2 years ago and enjoyed it immensely. This trip fulfilled a dream that I had since grade 4. I would love to come back in tulip time. I did enjoy the wonderful concert of the Johann Strauss Orchestra in its natural setting. My husband Will paid for my trip as a birthday present.

The 60 tulips I planted represent Life and Dreams do come true. Keep on Dreaming 🙂

Thank you to my sister Joanna for sending me the flowers.

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