For Norman George Irving.

His rank was corporal and he completed commando training in the Highlands of Scotland. He was then stationed in England.
The world, as immense as is, is really quite small. In the late 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s Mr. Irving would bring his wife and four boys to a cottage once situated on the same property that I now have my home. One of those boys married my sister. The coincidence of him coming here all those years ago and now returning to spend time with old friends and family is mind boggling to say the least. I’ve heard so many wonderful stories about the good times he had on this very ground with his wife and children. It only seems fitting to plant these tulips in his honour so that each spring we are reminded of the sacrifices he, like so many other young men and women, made for family, friends and country.
Thank you Mr. Irving for your part in keeping our Country strong and free.
Photo to follow

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