For Keith MacIntosh

I am planting my tulip bulbs in honour of my uncle, Keith MacIntosh. He started with the SD&G Highlanders in June 1941 then joined the RCAF. After completing his initial training he was posted to the Air Observer School in Winnipeg where he took navigation, meteorology, photography, map reading and general reconnaissance courses, followed by Bombing & Gunnery School. He received his Air Observer Wings in May 1942. After training on Venturas he was sent to 464 Squadron where he completed 11.5 operations on Venturas. They then converted to Mark VI Mosquitoes and started night flying. He completed 20 operations on the Mosquitoes. Squadron 464 was comprised of air and ground crew from Australia, Britain, Canada and across the Empire. Together, with sister units 21 and 487, they went on to fame as Gestapo and SS Hunters. Originally with Bomber Command flying the Venturas, they moved to the Second Tactical Air Force where low level intruder and precision bombing became their specialty when they re-equipped with Mosquitoes in mid-1943. He was honourably discharged at the end of the war and returned to civilian life where he continued to serve his community by volunteering in many capacities for decades until his failing health no longer permitted him to do so.
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