enfrMAY 10-20 MAI, 2024
enfrMAY 10-20 MAI, 2024

Royal Canadian Air Force Bulb Fundraiser

April 1, 2024 will mark the Centennial of the Royal Canadian Air Force. In honour of this historic milestone the Canadian Tulip Festival and Flower Bulbs R Us are launching an annual fundraiser with a donation from each bag going to support The Canadian Tulip Legacy.

The Canadian Tulip Legacy is a registered charity responsible for commemorating the role of Canadians in the liberation of the Netherlands during the Second World War. The Legacy also celebrates an international friendship with the Netherlands that spans over generations and is responsible for producing The Canadian Tulip Festival.

Join Flower Bulbs R Us, the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Tulip Festival and celebrate by pre-ordering your RCAF bulbs. Each bulb was selected for its unique connection to the RCAF.

Bulbs are grown and cultivated in Holland and will arrive in Canada in late September. Bulbs will ship to you in October. Plant them before the snow flies and show your Canadian pride in your very own yard next Spring.

Click on the bulb you wish to purchase and you will be taken to the Flower Bulbs R Us site. If you have questions about your order or need help with your order, please contact Flower Bulbs R Us directly at 1-888-890-0936 or by email at flowerbulbsrus20@gmail.com.

Fundraising Goal – 10,000 bags

Current status 5% (updated weekly)

This fringed beauty is a cheery yellow tulip that will brighten any garden. Chosen for its yellow colour, WINGS represents the colour of the training planes from 1918-1939. The bright yellow colour was in wide-spread use to help identify training pilots. 

This elegant tulip blooms into a lovely ivory and combines well to add contrast along with other bright colours. AD ASTRA literally translated means “to the stars” and was chosen because of its connection to the official RCAF motto “Per ardua ad astra” meaning “through adversity to the stars”. 

This fiery tulip is a yellow to creamy white with red flames inside, often maturing to creamy white with crimson flames outside. Chosen for its resemblance to the Search and Rescue (SAR) aircraft. Red and yellow are chosen for their extreme visibility due to the dangerous nature of the SAR missions.  

A brilliant deep red colour with Fringed edges makes this tulip a unique addition to any garden. Named after the RCAF Flyers men’s amateur hockey team, this tulip represents the dedication of these young men that went on to win an Olympic medal in 1948. 

Ways to SAVE on your bulb shipping!

We all know shipping rates have escalated over the last few years. Unfortunately this is a necessary expense for fundraisers like this to succeed. But there are ways to save. 

GROUP orders with friends

Shipping always has a base cost for the first item, but adding additional bags only marginally increase your shipping costs. 

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Consider DONATING to your community

Consider purchasing additional bags and donating them to community buildings, schools, hospitals, churches, or horticultural societies. It beautifies the neighbourhood and helps multiple organizations.

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Can’t plant at your home? Make a Donation

Not everyone is able to plant a tulip garden, but everyone can help. A donation to the Canadian Tulip Legacy allows us to keep celebrating the gift of tulips with all Canadians. In 70 years the Canadian TUlip Festival has been FREE. This can only happen through the support of government funding and your support.


Flower Bulbs R Us

Flowerbulbsrus.com has been selling top quality Dutch bulbs to our customers in Canada for over 10 years! Not only are quality and service the most significant factors for customers but also they are the core of business operations. The proper care and effort to keep our flower bulbs at the highest level begins with our scrupulous attention to the selection of our various growers.

We feel strongly in the mission of the Canadian Tulip Legacy and the work they do through the Canadian Tulip Festival. Thank you for purchasing your Fall bulbs through us and supporting the Canadian Tulip Festival.