Cesar Juarez and the Art of Tulip Photography

Cesar’s bits and bobs:
His career: media, music, and IT development,
His passion: to create what can be imagined,
His inspiration: the silent wonderment

A bit about my photo submissions:

Title: Blown

Nature never stands still. Life is a constant flow of light and shadows, bookmarked by paths of existence. I wanted to convey a symbiotic dance between tulips and wind. Nature is ephemeral, and art makes it eternal.

Title: Clarity

Everything is about points of view. Given a particular optics, a scene will change, and, with it, a new meaning is born.This piece reflects on how we construct our own reality, based on the lens with which we focus our lives.

Title: Trespassing

Pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes, the biggest ideas come from small observations. Nature doesn’t mind.