50+ Reasons To Love Canada’s Friendly Capital — Oh Ottawa!

Oh Canada! Its beauty and bounty enchants. This second largest country in the world is graced with a multitude of natural and cultural treasures. Distinctive meccas mesmerize—among them Nova Scotia‘s picturesque land- and seascapes; Old Quebec Cityand Montréal‘s ooh-la-la French-kissed dining and diversions; Toronto‘s urbane sophistication; Prince Edward Island‘s Anne of Green Gables charm; and Vancouver‘s thriving art, theater, music and foodie successes, hugged by majestic mountains and wild nature. Canada‘s capital, Ottawa, also has much to attract visitors’ attention and affection. But because this 152-year-old powerhouse in the east-central province of Ontario, approximately an hour drive from the U.S. border, has a geared-for-government reputation, its leisurely allure dances under the radar for most Americans. Peer closer. Let us count the ways that Ottawa can brighten your vacation days.

By: Laura Manske

Photo: Getty Images


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