• Four spectacular nights of fireworks

    Don’t miss this year’s tribute fireworks to veterans and other floral fireworks displays celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Liberation.

  • Vintage military enactment

    Vintage military vehicles and re-enactors animate an interactive WWII encampment on the opening weekend, May 9th and 10th bringing the story of the Liberation to life.

  • Artists in the park

    Watch artists at work among the Tulip beds capturing and interpreting the beauty of the many varieties and colours of this year’s Tulips.

  • Children’s photos

    Memorialize magic moments with photos of your children in the popular and whimsical Tea Party topiary.

  • Enjoy the music

    Relax to the sound of what suits your taste, from orchestral music in the Tulips to top emerging musical talent in the Liberation Bar & Grill.

  • Sculptures

    Don’t miss this year’s new sculptures-in-the-park addition commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Liberation, including the “Princess” sculpture of Queen Juliana with Princess Margriet, born in Ottawa during WWII, the only royal personage ever born in North America.

  • Live performers

    Lots to entertain children of all ages, from clowns with a modern twist to “Cirque de Liberation” animators and photo ops with the “Princess”.

  • Entre Nous

    French language speakers can stay engaged and entertained on topical subjects without missing a beat as part of the televised broadcast of "Entre Nous" live from Commissioner’s Park.