enfrMAY 12-22 MAI, 2023
enfrMAY 12-22 MAI, 2023

TulipLove (HeartsDesire)

$1,000.00 CAD

TulipLove (HeartsDesire) is an original acrylic painting; professionally framed as shown. Size is 19 x 23. Price includes shipping direct from the artist.

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Barbara Simpson is a Canadian Visual Artist, working and living in St. Catharines. She is recognized for her “originals-only” (no prints) approach, 24 years (2022) and counting. Primarily painting in the acrylic medium, she has also employed charcoal, pastels, oils, and other media into her work over the years. In addition, notable for her spirited use of joyful and romantic colour in her Impressionistic, Contemporary and Modern paintings, Barbara says she does not conform to orthodox ways of painting, rather breaking boundaries and moving outside of her comfort zone to test her zeal as an artist while remaining authentic in her work. She also says she cannot imagine another rewarding career, especially during unparalleled times that we’ve all experienced, as it has always been her aspiration to enrich and inspire peoples’ lives with her colour and joy.

Barbara has participated in the Canadian Tulip Festival in 2009, 2018, 2019, 2021 (virtually) and will be at Commissioners Park in person this 2022 for the 70th Anniversary Platinum Jubilee. She will be unveiling a host of new artworks, and others in her collection. Since 1998, Barbara is a member of CARFAC – the national voice for Canadian professional artists. All her work is hand-signed and carefully packaged and shipped direct from the artist together with a Certificate of Authenticity. Private collections of Barbara Simpson’s work are largely found in Alberta, with Ontario at a close second, as well as other locations across Canada, USA, and overseas.

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