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enfrMAY 10-20 MAI, 2024

Tulip Mug Dark Blue

$45.00 CAD

Hand built stoneware mug with tulip motif. This piece was made completely by hand. It’s imperfections were intended to connect the artist with the art lover, hand to hand. Mugs hold 10oz.

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Poterie LM Serafin Pottery opened in 2003, having moved operations from Winnipeg to West Quebec. Lisa-Marie is the sole proprietor of the pottery. She designs and creates all of the pottery in her small workshop/gallery in Mayo.

Lisa-Marie works in stoneware for it’s durability, and prefers functional pottery that is designed to be used for every day living. Her goal is to provide a beautiful piece in which to enjoy a favorite meal, morning coffee or afternoon tea. Eating and drinking from a lovely vessel heightens the pleasure of the meal.

For the 2021 edition of the Canadian Tulip Festival, Lisa-Marie has created mugs and plates in a pale shade of blue (with a woody brown accent), and also a deep, rich cobalt blue glaze, a nod to delft blue pottery made famously in The Netherlands. The tulip motif on each piece is to commemorate the event of this wonderful spring festival. In addition Lisa-Marie is including some Trillium leaf plates in this year’s collection. The Trillium is Ontario’s floral emblem. It was designated the provincial emblem of Ontario in 1937. The adoption of the White Trillium grew out of a movement during the First World War to choose a national floral emblem appropriate for planting on the graves of Canadian servicemen overseas.

Please refer to http://poterie.lmserafin.com/ for instructions on how to care for your pottery by LM Serafin.

Weight .95 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 5 × 4.25 in