enfrMAY 12-22 MAI, 2023
enfrMAY 12-22 MAI, 2023

HMCS Donnacona Tulip Bulbs

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The HMCS Donnacona is all about the drama. Its petals are a deep blood-red with white fang-like flames around the edges. This flower loves the sun so make sure to plant it where there is plenty of light.

Bulb Size : 12+ cm Zone : 3-8
Height : 16-20 in Blooms: Mid Season

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Order your fall bulbs. Each bag contains 12 bulbs. Bulbs have arrived and will start shipping September 7. Please allow for a short time delay as we ship our pre-orders.

All proceeds from the sale of tulip bulbs support the Canadian Tulip Legacy, a registered charity.

Bulbs cannot be guaranteed after receipt in good condition. If your bulbs arrive in poor condition, please email us at info@tulipfestival.ca with photos and we will take appropriate action. The Canadian Tulip Festival cannot be held responsible for poor weather, soil conditions, animals or any other reason for poor growth.


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