Create Art in the Park

Artists are welcome to bring their own materials, set up, and work on art surrounded by the beauty of tulips. A single prime viewing location has been designated for artists to set up.

To allow artists ample room to work there is a limited number of spots available per time slot. Artists are allowed to sign up for as many times as they like on a first come first serve process.

Although we designate a limited number of artists per area there are no reserved specific spots and artists are encouraged to arrive early if they do wish to be in a specific area, otherwise set up areas are a first come first serve process, and should be respected by all artists.

If they wish, artists who sign up for a spot can provide their information to be posted on the website and social media letting the public know when they will be on location.

Artists who sign up should expect the general public to come up to them to ask questions or take pictures and must be comfortable with this. A sign will be posted nearby to let people know that it is a designated “artist at work” location for the tulip festival.

Interested in participating as one of our featured artists? 

Simply complete the form below to apply. 

  • There is a limit of 9 artists per time slot. You can sign up for as many time slots as you would like on a first come first served basis.
    9am - NoonNoon to 3pm3pm to 6pm
    Friday May 8
    Saturday May 9
    Sunday May 10
    Monday May 11
    Tuesday May 12
    Wednesday May 13
    Thursday May 14
    Friday May 15
    Saturday May 16
    Sunday May 17
    Monday May 18